The Silk Road Centre puts a clear focus on education as the most important ingredient of the nation’s development. Over the years, Pakistan has achieved remarkable progress in providing access to free and compulsory education, but the country still has to do a great deal to expand equitable access to quality education for all. Silk Road Centre’s vision is to facilitate access to quality education for all and raise student achievement in a meaningful way.

Our broad range of programs and services in education include research, analysis, assessments, evaluation and exchanges to generate information to inform policies and improve classroom practices. We design approaches and tools to support school improvement, enhance effectiveness of service delivery, and provide professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators.

Silk Road Centre’s Education program focuses on the following key areas:
  • Education policy, governance and reforms
  • Improved access and quality
  • Professional development of teachers and administrators
  • School improvement
  • Early childhood
  • Non-formal education
  • Technical and vocational education
  • Research, evaluation and analysis