At the Silk Road Centre, we believe that diversity is at the heart of human society. Valuing diversity makes society thrive and create a lively world. Understanding and respecting different from us is basically understanding and respecting humanity. We see diversity as an opportunity for all of us to create a better world.

Our mission is to create a positive response to diversity by filling in the knowledge gaps, informing policies and inspiring a discourse to promote equity and inclusion in society.

We are committed to advance all forms of diversity such as internal diversity, external diversity, organizational diversity and worldview diversity. We engage in multidisciplinary research, education and training on issues affecting peace, social cohesion and interfaith harmony in societies. Our major focus is on developing an in-depth understanding of social, political, economic, religious and cultural factors that cause intolerance, extremism and violence in society. Our multidisciplinary approach aims to influence actions and decisions to generate respect for diversity and inclusion. Today, the world around us needs equity, justice, peace and harmony much more than ever. We need to look back to the ancient Silk Road to draw some inspiration to revive intercultural dialogue and promote pluralism.

We are engaged in the following activities to advance diversity, equity and inclusion:
    • Research and analysis
    • Conferences and seminars on cultural and religious harmony
    • Policy dialogues
    • Advocacy campaigns
    • Youth engagement
    • Training in diversity and inclusion