The Silk Road Music and Arts Society (SRMAST) is a key initiative of the Silk Road Centre. SRMAST works to promote the musical and artistic heritage of Pakistan and the Silk Road. The program supports the development and revitalization of indigenous music and art by talented musicians and artists. Through collaborations and exchanges, we celebrate the richness and diversity of cultures, music and the arts in the Silk Road region, which constitutes most parts of Asia and Europe.

SRMAST’s activities are designed with a view to engaging youth to deepen intercultural understanding and promote international cooperation, peace and friendship. Our key activities include: 

    • Music of the Silk Road featuring performances, recordings, research and dialogue.
    • Art and Artists includes sessions with artists and exhibition of paintings, drawings, sculpture and other forms of the graphic and visual arts.
    • Photography to promote cultural heritage and intercultural understanding and raise awareness on the heritage of Pakistan and the Silk Road.
    • Poets and Poetry focusing on poetry recitals and competitions in multiple languages to promote the richness and diversity of languages and literature along the Silk Road.
    • Tales of the Silk Road will bring to light entertaining stories from the Silk Road to promote cultural understanding and heritage education among children and youth.