Generally, most people are unaware of the cultural wealth of Pakistan and the Silk Road. It is largely due to lack of cultural awareness and education. Cultural ignorance is a major reason for uninformed speculation about other cultures, which makes it hard to create harmony in diversity. Lack of cross-cultural understanding encourages misconception and breeds intolerance towards other religions and cultures. Silk Road Centre’s Heritage Education and Research program aims to address the issue of cultural ignorance by carrying out research and learning activities to promote greater understanding and value of cultural heritage, unity in diversity and intercultural dialogue. Research, learning and policy initiatives under this key program component are aimed at reviving and sustaining Silk Road’s age-old tradition of bringing diverse cultures and beliefs together to promote pluralism, tolerance, peace, and progress. Our programs also support promotion of cultural industries and dissemination of cultural goods and services.

Our key research and learning activities below envisage building knowledge and capacity and improving practices through collaborations and exchanges to promote cultural heritage for peace and progress.

    • Youth engagement to document cultural heritage and produce multimedia products to promote cultural heritage for peace and progress
    • Activities and resources for schools and teachers to help students understand the value of cultural heritage for peace and progress
    • Learning activities advocacy campaigns to promote and protect World Heritage along the Silk Road
    • Workshops, field visits and residencies with renowned musicians, artists, photographers and artisans
    • Learning cultural diversity and pluralism through exploration of the Silk Road
    • Research and analysis of cultural policies to inform decision-making to integrate cultural heritage into national development agendas
    • Conferences, seminars, roundtables and dialogue on culture and heritage
    • Research on promoting cultural tourism in Pakistan and the Silk Road region