Heritage Photo Contests

Organized annually at the national level, Heritage Photo Contests are designed to promote culture and heritage. These photo contests provide a forum to empower youth to promote both cultural understanding and conservation photography as a medium to support cultural education and preservation of endangered heritage for future generations. Every year, contestants are invited to submit entries on a selected theme relevant to culture and heritage. Winners of the photo contest are awarded prizes at a ceremony where the top images are put on display for public viewing. Lok Virsa and Nestle Pakistan supported these contests in the past.

Heritage Forums

The Silk Road Centre organizes yearly Heritage Forums, which are intended to provide a platform to exchange information on key issues related to preservation of cultural and natural heritage in Pakistan. The Forums also aim to create a network of public institutions, academic bodies and civil society to heighten public awareness and to create opportunities for collaborative work on heritage conservation.

The Heritage Forums bring together scholars, heritage conservators, and researchers who share their experiences in documenting and preserving cultural and natural heritage in various parts of Pakistan.

Revitalization of Endangered Pakistani Languages

Pakistan is home of some 70 indigenous languages. This makes the Pakistani society a beautiful blend and a tapestry of many cultures. Many of the country’s languages are seriously endangered by the socio-economic development processes and growing influence of dominant languages and cultures. There are Pakistani languages that are currently under the threat of extinction. The Silk Road Centre is working to preserve and revitalize minority and endangered languages by engaging local communities.

Establishment of Museums

The Silk Road Centre engages in dialogue with the government bodies, public representatives, and donor agencies to mobilize support to establish museums in areas of the country that are deprived of museums to house their cultural objects and treasures from the past. These museums will not only preserve and exhibit the treasures but will also become a hub for heritage education and research.

Muzaffargarh Youth Saanjh

The Muzaffargarh Youth Saanjh is an initiative to mobilize the youth of Muzaffargarh to learn about cultural history of the region and become directly involved in preserving centuries old culture and heritage for economic development of the region. The Youth Saanjh also provides a platform for promoting music, art, intercultural dialogue and community interaction in the area.

Research and Evaluation

Research on culture, heritage, education and intercultural understanding is a core component of the Silk Road Centre. Its research reports and publications are meant to promote greater understanding of culture and heritage through dissemination of information on heritage issues. Silk Road Centre’s education team also has focused on developing institutional strategies for Early Childhood Development (ECD) and skills development. Our team of professionals has experience in using quantitative and qualitative research techniques.


The Silk Road Centre has conducted surveys and assessments, including baseline studies and program evaluations. Our team is well trained in conducting quantitative and qualitative research, key informant interviews, Focus Group Discussions, SWOT analysis and participant observation. The Centre has a team of experienced enumerators who can collect data for local, provincial and national-level surveys.