The Silk Road Centre draws its inspiration from the historical Silk Road, which throughout its existence brought diverse cultures close together. Pakistan, as an important country of the Silk Road system, is endowed with rich cultural and natural heritage. Besides its linguistic and creative diversity, the country has hundreds of historical and architectural sites that stand as an imposing witness to the antiquity and cultural diversity of Pakistan. Though a Muslim majority country, Pakistan also has millions of followers of the world's great religions, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism. All these great faiths have had an enormous impact on the evolution of Pakistani society and culture.

Many people in Pakistan are unaware of the wealth of cultural resources of the country. Lack of cultural awareness and education has given way to miscommunication and intolerance towards other cultures and faiths. Cultural ignorance combined with a general apathy, looting and plunder are causing hundreds of ancient sites across Pakistan to decay and disappear.

Through its wide range of programs going from research and dissemination to capacity building, the Silk Road Centre works to promote greater understanding of cultural diversity and cultural heritage of Pakistan. The Centre seeks to study and analyze current cultural policies and issues to facilitate the development and implementation of a national cultural policy underpinning cultural pluralism and heritage protection for development. Silk Road Centre's programs also encourage exchange of knowledge and collaborations to preserve cultural heritage for future generations.

Silk Road Centre's Culture Program covers four key areas:

  • Cross-cultural Understanding and Dialogue
  • Heritage Education and Learning
  • Culture and Heritage Policies
  • Revitalization of Cultural Heritage

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