Mission & Vision

The Silk Road Centre is a nonprofit educational and cultural organization that develops educational activities and materials and engages in research, collaboration and exchanges to promote cultural heritage, education and civil society for peace and progress.

Our Mission

The Silk Road Centre is a forum for promoting peace and progress through intellectual and cultural exchanges along the Silk Road.

Our Vision

Our vision is to connect cultures to facilitate the development and exchange of knowledge, research, policies and practices contributing to peace and progress in Pakistan and the Silk Road region.

Our Goals

  • Promote greater understanding of the role of culture and heritage in development.
  • Engage in activities aimed at fostering cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and tolerance for peace and progress.
  • Create opportunities for research, exposure and collaboration to protect endangered cultural heritage.
  • Support the protection and conservation of Pakistan’s natural heritage in order to improve the welfare and prospects for the people of Pakistan.
  • Conduct research on issues related to the environment, fragile ecosystems and climate change.
  • Foster collaboration to build capacity for mainstreaming resilience to shocks and stresses caused by the environment.
  • Create partnerships with the government, local and international organizations to facilitate access to quality education in Pakistan.
  • Promote result-based approaches to enhance effectiveness of service delivery and governance in education.
  • Design and implement school improvement programs involving parents and communities.
  • Develop innovative approaches to the professional development of teachers and administrators.
  • Inform and support policies and priorities related to culture, education, environment and sustainable development.