Vanishing Heritage


A campaign to identify historical built heritage in danger


Pakistan is endowed with a rich cultural heritage both tangible and intangible cultural assets. There are hundreds of historic structures and sites that are facing the threat of extinction. These endangered sites are under tremendous pressure from and ever-growing population, illegal encroachments, and lack of funds for protection. Harsh weather conditions, construction of dams, and natural disasters are other reasons why Pakistan’s cultural heritage is endangered. The Silk Road Centre organized a national photo contest to promote understanding of the cultural heritage and the essence to preserve and promote cultural resources. All individuals having interest in photography and the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan were publicly invited to submit images!

Theme for the contest was set as Endangered Built Heritage of Pakistan


Submissions to the contest



The Silk Road Centre received an encouraging response from young and experienced photographers. A panel of three renowned photographers evaluated the eligible entries. The prize distribution ceremony was held on October 27 to recognize the winners and participants of the Heritage photo Contest.